Manage Your Material Handling Fleet with a Vehicle Management System for Forklift Fleet Management

distribution - manage your material handling | wireless fleet managementDistribution is one of the most underappreciated parts of the supply chain. However, it's critical to get the right mix of products to the right stores on-time. It's also an area where driving productivity can drop straight to the bottom line and increase customer satisfaction.

Despite efforts to eliminate forklifts through RFID, automated barcode scanning and conveyors, the need for forklifts and the high costs of operators who drive them, continues to be at the core of most distribution centers. To manage costs, unloading, put-away, cross-docking, picking, packing and shipping must be done as efficiently as possible. Therefore, forklift fleet management technology is needed to maximize the productivity of each industrial vehicle and operator. But how can this be done without proper management and tracking systems?
I.D. Systems provides the technology to truly increase material velocity.

I.D. Systems has a long history delivering proven results, with our vehicle management system, in the DCs of many of the world's largest, most efficient supply chains.

In addition,  provides a single, integrated, "bird's eye" view of industrial vehicle and operator activity across multiple facilities, generating site-to-site comparisons, enterprise benchmarks, and best practices vs. peer industry by facility type, vehicle type, region, and more.

 - Optimize distribution of your inventory.
 - Increase safety and security in your DC.
 - Increase up time of your fleet and reduce costs.

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