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Thanks to the Internet of Things, we have access to incredible amounts of data. Our enterprise fleet management technology helps you harness, analyze, and leverage it to better understand how to manage your high-value assets in the Digital Age.



Make smart technology work for you. Get ahead of Big Data with our portfolio of patented cellular, satellite, and RFID technology.


Our analytics software solutions provide detailed analysis to help you understand what’s really critical to your operations.


Just as we keep your assets connected to the world, we stay connected with our customers through partnerships designed for the long term.

Vehicle Management Systems

Your fleet moves fast. You need an enterprise fleet management solution that moves faster. Our wireless Vehicle Management Systems are simple to install, easy to use, and increase the long-term profitability for any fleet, of any size, anywhere.


Asset Intelligence

Bring your fleet management system into the 21st century with data-driven, smart solutions designed to streamline your operations both in the short-term and over the long-haul.



5 Ways to Reduce Costs of Your Industrial Vehicle Fleet

“5 Ways to Reduce Costs of Your Industrial Vehicle Fleet” explains how implementing a sophisticated Vehicle Management System (VMS) can help you achieve meaningful cost reductions in your fleet management operations while simultaneously enhancing throughput.


Who We Are

For over twenty years, I.D. Systems has been building mutually beneficial relationships with our customers on a solid foundation of industry-leading technology. As we firmly settle into the Digital Age, we’re helping fleet managers to collect meaningful intelligence by leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) and the massive amounts of data it produces. We help our clients harness that data, find what’s important, and use analytics to drive continual improvements in operations and profit.

Our portfolio of patented products helps you stay connected to your assets, wherever and whenever operational needs occur. We consider our fleet management solutions to be long-term investments that can grow with our customers’ needs and stay aligned with emerging technology to ensure we always stay ahead of the curve. And just like our science, we view our customer relationships as long-term investments, too. We’re more than a service provider. We’re your partner.

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  • Transportation Management System Rental car driving around a bend.
    Optimize rental car operations with real-time visibility and insights that increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve rental yield.
  • Transportation Management System An airplane sitting on the tarmac.
    Secure your airport ground support equipment, and improve airfield safety and efficiency.
  • Transportation Management System Rising bar graphs showing analytical data.
    Dig deeper into vehicle, site, enterprise, and industry benchmarks to understand how to increase your operational edge.