May 18, 2018 /

Forklift Fun Fact: Which Crazy Story is True?

By The Industrial Truck Management Team at I.D. Systems

This week’s Forklift Fun Fact is a believe-it-or not, multiple-choice question. We want to know which of the stories below you think is true.where's the forklift - hidden behind boxes in warehouse

  • A lift truck operator surrounded himself with dozens of tall cartons…so he could rest undisturbed in his own private “break room.”
  • A forklift driver was caught after smashing into a sprinkler system…because he was the only employee who was sopping wet.
  • An employee drove a forklift to go on a coffee break…down a major road to a drive-through restaurant 4 blocks away.
  • To place a piece of equipment on a mezzanine, a 3,000 lb-capacity forklift lifted the equipment…then a 10,000 lb-capacity lift truck hoisted up the first forklift.

Before we reveal the answer, we want to remind you why we should care about crazy stories like these.

When it comes to safety, we all know that lift trucks need special care and handling. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), industrial trucks cause 10% of all workplace injuries.

We also know that forklift productivity is one of the keys to material handling costs. Here’s a quick summary:

  • A typical lift truck costs over $20,000 to buy (sometimes much more, depending on the type), or $500 or more per month to lease.
  • Forklift maintenance, including accident damage costs, can run to thousands of dollars per truck per year.
  • Electric energy or fuel (LPG or diesel) can also add up thousands of dollars per truck annually.
  • And the biggest cost of all, operator labor, can range from $30,000 to $180,000 or more per truck each year. (It depends on base wages, benefits, and whether you’re running one, two or three shifts.)

So, which of the 4 stories above is actually true? They are ALL true. We’ve seen it with our own eyes.

That’s why we focus on forklift telematics solutions, like PowerFleet®.

If you’d like to see how lift truck telematics can improve safety and save money, read “How Forklift Safety Technology Can Save You Hard Dollars,” or download a case study on one of our customers who used forklift telematics to cut costs and save jobs.

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