September 5, 2018 /

Privacy Shield: More Data Protection for Our Customers

By The Industrial Truck Management Team at I.D. Systems

Well, Labor Day weekend is over, and it’s back to work and school. And since our forklift management systems focus on labor and worker safety, we’d like to talk today about data privacy. In particular, we’d like to focus on our company’s recent Privacy Shield certification. This gives our customers and their workers more data protection over their confidential and personal information.

more data protection privacy shield compliance

Privacy Shield = More Data Protection

The Privacy Shield program was designed by the U.S. Department of Commerce and its counterparts in Europe to promote trade. It helps companies comply with data protection rules when sending data from Europe to the U.S. Specifically, the Privacy Shield serves as a way to transfer data under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

For instance, the Privacy Shield requires certain wording in a company’s privacy policy. (For example, here’s our main policy.) And that includes a formal way for people to log complaints about how their data is used. In addition, the Privacy Shield requires yearly policy reviews, which fulfills the GDPR’s mandate for regular policy updates.

Joining the Privacy Shield program is voluntary, but once a company commits to it, it’s legally enforceable. So it’s fair to say that complying with the Privacy Shield — as we do — ensures more data protection for our customers.

More Data Protection for Forklift Data

We provide industrial truck management systems — and forklift data analytics — to customers across the globe. Including many of the world’s largest auto makers, consumer goods companies, and retailers. Of course, many of these customers have operations in Europe. So it’s vital that we comply with GDPR rules when transferring data from the EU back to the U.S.

more data protection GDPR

Accordingly, we take great care to avoid sensitive data. For example, our forklift telematics systems store only “need-to-know” data on lift truck drivers. We do NOT collect private personal data like social security numbers or HIPAA data. And our analytics platform also aggregates data, without attribution, to protect our customers’ confidential information.

Also, we use data centers with industry best practices, as reflected in Service Organization Control reports. These reports detail our data safeguards,  physical security, privacy protections, risk controls, standards compliance, and more.

For more information on how industrial truck management systems handle data, read our blog on “Considerations for Forklift Data Security.”

In the meantime, our customers can rest assured that our compliance with the Privacy Shield program will give them more data protection. And better protection, too.