Veriwise® Chassis Tracking

Asset Intelligence®, an I.D. Systems company, is a leading provider of fleet tracking and management solutions for dry van trailers, intermodal containers, chassis, and other transportation assets.

The intelligent design of our VeriWise® devices, the simplicity of our cloud-based FleetView™ software, and the deep insights of our FleetView IQ™ data analytics platform give carriers, shippers, manufacturers, and retailers real-time visibility of their freight-carrying assets—for better fleet utilization, faster turns, enhanced security, more efficient maintenance, and greater profitability.

VeriWise® Chassis Tracking Systems & Sensors

Our industry-leading chassis-tracking system, the GSMD150, puts a stop to chassis billing disputes by providing you with comprehensive, reliable data on billing start/stop times. Advanced sensors alert you when a container is mounted and dismounted from the chassis, giving you all the hard proof you need.

The VeriWise® Chassis Tracking System scales to meet the needs of the largest chassis pool operators—but also works well for smaller specialty drayage solution providers. Real-time chassis location and mounted status eliminates the need for manual chassis tracking. A ruggedized, integrated mount sensor uses common zone detection to support all container types, with powered and unpowered container mount/dismount reporting to identify opportunities to increase chassis fleet utilization and avoid prolonged dormancy.

Key Features:

    • Easy, covert installation
    • Works with 20’, 40’, 48’, and 53’ chassis
    • GPS-based virtual mileage reporting
    • Rugged construction and extended battery life for ultra-low maintenance

Optional Sensors:

        • Container mounting sensor for real-time detection of mount and dismount status
        • Tire Inflation System (TIS) integration for remote notification of equipment failure and lower routine maintenance costs

Economy Chassis Tracking

If you are looking for a more basic, lower-cost system to track your chassis, we have another great choice for you, too:

VeriWise® Track and Trace, GSMD100: a durable, low-profile, intrinsically safe device that provides unmatched speed of installation, extended battery life for ultra-low maintenance, and two-way wireless communications.

Contact us for more details about our hardware device options.

FleetView™ Transportation Asset Tracking Software

Our cloud-based FleetView™ transportation asset tracking app gives you real-time visibility of your chassis fleet. The user interface is intuitive and easy to learn, with visual navigation to make fleet management more efficient, and give you instant access to critical information.

FleetView™ provides customizable fleet status data, with advanced drill-down reporting capabilities, to let you know when your trailers are moving, when they’re loaded or unloaded, when they enter or exit geo-fenced landmarks, and when they are dormant (and for how long).

FleetView™ helps transportation fleet managers, dispatchers, safety managers, and maintenance personnel visualize key information through exception-based, actionable data.

FleetView™ can be used with any web browser, on any device screen.

Contact us for more details about our FleetView™ software for tracking and managing your chassis fleet.

Chassis Fleet Optimization: Why visibility is critical

Making sure your assets are properly utilized across all markets is critical to both maintaining asset availability and limiting costs. Chassis tracking technologies provide equipment owners and fleet managers the real-time visibility needed to identify how effectively their chassis are being utilized in individual markets and identify which locations in that market are making the largest contributions to a market’s surplus or deficit.

FleetView IQ™ Transportation Fleet Data Analytics

With FleetView IQ™, you can leverage advanced metrics to gain deeper insights into your fleet operations, compared against a broad industry database of asset performance benchmarks. This intelligence gives you hard numbers to act on, helping you monetize your chassis fleet operations.

How to Get a More Complete Picture of Your Chassis Fleet

Learn how long-term data collection and analytics can improve your chassis fleet utilization — and increase your profits.

Contact us to learn more about our FleetView IQ™ data analytics platform.

With our team’s expert guidance, FleetView IQ™ can help you make your fleet run smarter, for greater asset utilization and profitability.

Integration with Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

Asset Intelligence® is not just about locating freight transportation assets, like chassis, it’s also about integrating with your existing fleet management system. Our out-of-box compatibility with leading fleet management software apps gives you real-time, event-driven, exception-based data through the system you already use.

The industry-standard data architecture of our FleetView™ software also makes it easy to enable and customize interfaces to other business applications. This integration enables better decision making, to help you get even more out of your freight transportation assets, with minimal effort.

Contact us to learn more about how we can integrate our chassis tracking technology with your existing fleet management system.