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If managing shipping times and logistics is complicated, managing invoicing for chassis can feel downright impossible. Complicated relationships between shippers and retailers lead to confusing exceptions in “normal” billing procedures, and when disputes occur, it’s the operator who’s left to bear the entire cost while everyone else dukes it out. Not only does the whole process drive up cost and decrease productivity, it can also be frustrating beyond belief.

VeriWise® chassis tracking solutions puts a stop to time-consuming lease chassis billing disputes by providing comprehensive, 100 percent reliable data to tell you when to start and stop the billing clock. Advanced sensors create alerts to tell you exactly when a container is mounted and removed from the chassis, giving you the evidence you need to keep your operations running quickly and smoothly.


Chassis Fleet Optimization:
Why visibility is critical

Making sure your assets are properly utilized across all markets is critical to both maintaining asset availability and limiting costs. Chassis tracking technologies provide equipment owners and fleet managers the real-time visibility needed to identify how effectively their chassis are being utilized in individual markets and identify which locations in that market are making the largest contributions to a market’s surplus or deficit.



Exception-based, customizable reports to clear up billing disputes

Current and historical analysis to provide long-term visibility into operational and billing trends

Landmarking functionality to establish virtual perimeters and key geographical reference points

Text notifications and analytic capabilities to keep you constantly informed

Real-time chassis location and mounted status information

Easy installation within chassis to increase survivability in harsh environments


Know where your assets are 24/7 with Track & Trace, which carries the lowest total cost of ownership of any transporation asset management solution.

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Our OneRate plan provides a simple pricing structure that eliminates data overages, roaming charges, and headaches associated with transportation asset management data plans.

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