Company Overview

What are we about? Connections. We connect you to your assets, your employees, and your customers. We connect your business operations to your big data. We connect your fleet to the Internet of Things. And most importantly, we stay connected with our customers, our roots, and our core values.

I.D. Systems was founded by two Stanford University engineering classmates in 1993 to explore how radio frequency identification (RFID) technology could be used to manage data from vehicular fleets. In 1995, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) saw the value in collecting and analyzing metrics gathered from testing scenarios, then using that information to optimize delivery operations. They awarded I.D. Systems a $6.6 million contract to develop and implement a custom tracking system, and we were off and running. By 1997, we found ourselves filling a market need that most fleet operators didn’t know they had. And by 1999, our technology had proven so successful that we took the company public.

Compared to today, the amount of data we were able to collect in the 90s was pretty small. As wireless technology exploded, we dedicated our resources and our expertise to research and development. Our customers needed deep insights, and we were committed to providing them. That commitment hasn’t wavered since.

Over twenty years later, our solutions have grown more sophisticated as we firmly settle into the Digital Age. Today, there’s no lack of data. The Internet of Things has connected the world, and it produces massive amounts of information that can be unmanageable. The challenge is harnessing that data, finding what’s important, and using detailed analysis to drive continual improvements in operations and profit.

Our dedication to providing business insights hasn’t changed, but our technology has advanced to give our customers the tools to leverage big data and the IoT with intelligent fleet management solutions. We have a portfolio of patented products that use cellular, satellite and RFID technology to help you stay connected, wherever and whenever operational needs occur.

If there’s anything we’ve learned over the last two decades, it’s that technology is advancing at a rate we haven’t seen since the Industrial Revolution. We’ve excelled because we never stop looking forward. Our science stays ahead of the curve because we consider our fleet management solutions to be long-term investments that can grow with our customers’ needs and stay aligned with emerging tech.

We get a lot of satisfaction from the long-term relationships we form with our customers. We don’t disappear after the deal is done. We offer continuing support to our customers after implementation to boost productivity, improve safety and security, reduce maintenance and other operating costs, and stay connected to core operations. Today, our customers include industry leaders in fields from retail to manufacturing, from transportation to defense. Many industry giants have demonstrated high confidence in our solutions, and we couldn’t be happier.

Our experience and the care we show for our customers make us a trusted advisor in fleet management solutions, and our technology makes us the natural choice for businesses looking to find long-term savings. Bring your fleet into the 21st century of constant connection. Make intelligence work for you.