Key Features & Benefits

I.D. Systems has developed an unmatched library of certified vehicle interface codes, using the industry standard called ODB-II (second-generation On-Board Diagnostics). We can communicate with virtually any vehicle make and model to deliver and manage Connected Car functionality—such as 24x7 vehicle visibility, secure remote control, and intelligent asset management.

OBD-II is the gateway to a vehicle’s data and control nerve center. It is used for rental fleet management, private fleet telematics, and other Connected Car applications, like vehicle maintenance, driver support, and auto insurance.

The features and benefits of our proprietary Connected Car technology include:

  • Encrypted, low-bandwidth wireless technology—including LTE cellular, GPS, and low-energy Bluetooth—for low-cost data downloads and “future-proof” functional flexibility.
  • Automatic recording and upload of vehicle data, including latitude/longitude, accurate fuel level, current odometer, mileage since last refuel, VIN, fault codes, and more.
  • Patented ODB-II connector lock for durable, reliable performance.
  • Automated self-configuration for installation in less than two minutes.
  • Remote programmability to support installation on any certified vehicle type.
  • Compatible with standard and non-standard automotive bus protocols on J1962 port.
  • 3-axis accelerometer with gyroscope for impact monitoring and driver behavior analysis.
  • Encrypted cellular commands for remote vehicle lock/unlock and other vehicle control actions.
  • Low/reduced power operation with sleep/wake protocols for extended use without draining vehicle battery.
  • Ancillary device integration, including card-reader port.

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