In addition to rental fleet management and other Connected Car applications , I.D. Systems’ vehicle management technology delivers exceptional benefits for private fleets of cars, vans, and trucks. Our patented fleet management system helps fleet owners improve asset utilization, reduce capital costs, and cut operating expenses, like vehicle maintenance.

I.D. Systems has developed an unmatched library of certified vehicle code interfaces through the OBD-II (second-generation On-Board Diagnostics) industry standard. We can communicate with virtually any vehicle make and model to deliver advanced fleet management functionality—like 24x7 vehicle visibility, secure remote control, and intelligent asset management.

Specifically, our technology provides the following fleet management functions to help private fleet owners control, track, and manage their vehicles:

  • Remote vehicle control to enable unmanned “virtual lots” in any location.
  • Real-time vehicle inventory, health data, and availability at every lot.
  • Vehicle reservation/allocation management via a smart phone app.
  • Pre-programmed encryption for secure wireless communications.
  • Remote, automated vehicle check-out, including door unlock.
  • Automated check-in on vehicle return, including door lock.
  • Comprehensive vehicle data logging, including VIN, key state, precise fuel level, precise odometer reading, mileage since last refuel, battery level, and GPS location.
  • Exception data reporting, such as low battery, low fuel, and unauthorized users.
  • Data and power management algorithms to optimize communication frequency and battery life, whether vehicles are on or off.
  • Load-balanced backend databases, scalable for thousands of vehicles.
  • Wireless remote firmware upgrades for “future-proof” functionality.

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