Reduce Fleet Costs

There are unpredictable expenses that come with managing a fleet. Unexpected maintenance. Unplanned overtime. Without the visibility into how your fleet is being used, you have no way to put controls around those expenses. With a vehicle management system like PowerFleet® you get the data you need to limit surprises and reduce the effects of the unexpected on your budget.

Organize planned maintenance around vehicle usage to reduce dollars spent on unneeded repairs

With visibility into the use of your industrial trucks, you can schedule maintenance based on actual usage as opposed to a calendar. That means only the vehicles needing maintenance are actually being serviced, saving you the cost of unneeded labor and parts.

Manage overtime and incentive payments to operators

Without tracking and measurement, you could be paying incentives and overtime for work that can be accomplished in time already allotted for its completion. VMS allows you to modify your standards and score your operators’ performance based upon motion hours, lifts made, and login time. Lower performers can be readily identified, true star performers rewarded.

Reduce damage to facility and goods

By knowing which drivers are causing the most damage to your assets or which are putting other employees at risk, you can offer additional training, hopefully avoiding a costly repair bill or legal or insurance settlement in the future.

Five Ways to Reduce Costs of Your Industrial Vehicle Fleet

You can achieve meaningful cost reductions while enhancing throughput with a Vehicle Management System (VMS). A Vehicle Management System is a comprehensive, automated system for the management of any powered industrial vehicles, such as forklifts and their operators.


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