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The distribution center is the beating heart of the supply chain. Without a clear understanding of your unload, put-away, cross-dock, pick, pack, and ship processes, it’s nearly impossible to keep operations moving smoothly. You need to know that your fleet is optimized, you have clear communication paths with your operators, and your vehicles are always in the right place at the right time.

I.D. Systems is driven by a commitment that all of our products and enterprise fleet management solutions result in more intelligence, deeper insight, and stronger connections to assets and operators. The key to that kind of fundamental improvement is the accurate collection and analysis of key performance indicators in order to eliminate inefficiencies.

  • By gaining clear and detailed visibility into vehicle utilization, one national distribution enterprise was able to cut the size of its total fleet by more than 11 percent.

What can intelligent asset management do for you?


Gaining insight into the day-to-day processes of your operators is critical to increasing productivity levels and ensuring you’re getting the most out of your workforce. After all, you’re invested in your operators, and you want to ensure you’re using them as effectively as possible.


Intelligent asset management systems serve as your distribution center’s right hand, helping you to:

Balance tasks among operators
Analyze deadhead time vs. time/distance travelled
Optimize your fleet with time motion reports and peak utilization analyses
Associate all vehicle activity to a specific operator in real time

Safety & Security

The costs associated with inadequate provisions for safety and security go far beyond anything reflected in an accounting ledger. If the distribution center is the heart of supply chain operations, then your vehicles and operators are its lifeblood. You need the ability to keep a constant close eye and ensure documented procedures are being followed.


Smart fleet management solutions from I.D. Systems give you the capabilities to:

Customize individual or group authorized users per vehicle
Instantly locate vehicles to eliminate time spent searching for equipment
Immediately modify permission levels without manual entry
Gain full visibility into vehicle and operator locations and activity
Lock-out/tag-out unsafe vehicles

Maintenance Costs

Perhaps the most frustrating source of unnecessary costs in the distribution center is the habit of waiting until a small maintenance issue becomes a critical one before addressing it. We all know that preventive maintenance can save significant amounts, but without detailed insight into your fleet’s performance, it’s nearly impossible to implement a system that allows you to predict maintenance needs.


You need the intelligence to:

Identify emerging maintenance issues before they completely disable vehicles
Constantly monitor oil pressure, temperature, fuel level, battery voltage, and other data points
Require pre-shift electronic checklists to stay on top of maintenance issues
Automate battery rotation data
for battery swap systems
Optimize battery life management

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Make your enterprise fleet management system as intelligent as your distribution center with our advanced analytics IQ solutions.


improve the health of your distribution center.