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You’re carrying precious cargo, and you want to make sure it’s safe from origin to destination. VeriWise® Dry Van tracking solutions keep you informed about more than just the location of your trailers. Your knowledge goes deeper, so you know exactly what’s happening and when, helping you drive productivity. Costs go down, driver retention improves, and you gain real-time visibility and insight. The road to better fleet utilization is calling.

  • VeriWise Dry Van tracking system lets you know exactly where and when a trailer starts and stops, and if a door is opened in-route. You’ll find your empties faster with greater assurance and provide more accurate, real-time delivery status for customers, while dramatically reducing cargo theft and tampering.

Dry Van Solutions

Trucking is a difficult business. The margins are thin, and all too often they are affected by outside influences like weather, traffic, fuel prices, shipper demands and retailer patterns.

Read our eBook to discover how to reduce the inefficiencies that are within your control. Trailer tracking technology gives you the long-term data that you need to make smarter decisions.



Location tracking provides accurate, real-time status updates for customer and dispatch coordination

Advanced sensors report when cargo is loaded or emptied and trailers are in-motion

Historical activity analysis that reveals trends in asset utilization by landmark, geographic area, sub fleet, and/or time period

GPS-enabled mileage tracking to act as a virtual hubometer for asset maintenance and utilization analysis

Tire Inflation Sensor (TIS) to reduce maintenance costs and increase fuel efficiency

Landmarking functionality to establish virtual perimeters and key geographical reference points for real-time and historical fleet activity


Know where your assets are 24/7 with Track & Trace, which carries the lowest total cost of ownership of any transportation asset management solution.

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Our OneRate plan provides a simple pricing structure that eliminates data overages, roaming charges, and headaches associated with transportation asset management data plans.

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