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When you think of bringing analytics and data into the factory, you might imagine shiny, futuristic lines of robots and machines doing the assembly work that people did just a few years ago. But while factory automation is an important part of improving productivity in the manufacturing plant, it’s far from the only piece we should be applying advanced technology. The costs associated with materials, transportation, labor, and operating expenses just continue to rise, and today’s factory managers are looking for ways to gain full visibility into their operations so they can streamline processes and improve revenue streams.

Manufacturers need insight into all areas of their operations, and I.D. Systems provides the necessary clarity into all aspects of fleet operations with advanced, comprehensive, and user-friendly tracking solutions designed to drive real improvement. You can automate assembly all day long, but until you optimize the vehicles and operators moving material to the line, you’re still missing a critical piece of productivity improvement. You need to know the status of every vehicle in your fleet at-a-glance and be able to dive down into detailed metrics, as well as rise above to gain a 30,000 foot view of how your material handling operations compare between sites, with other enterprises, and within your industry to drive true progress.

You can only improve what you can measure. I.D. Systems brings you enterprise fleet management solutions that help bring your products to market more quickly and with fewer unnecessary costs.

  • Increase the effectiveness of your material handling resources by up to 80 percent by minimizing the hour-by-hour variability of equipment and resource demands within each shift of operation.

What can intelligent asset management do for you?


Investing in automation to optimize your production line can be a wasted effort if you aren’t getting material and products to and from assembly as efficiently as possible. Without a clear picture of your entire material handling operations, inefficiencies can grind production to a halt. Nothing should hold up getting your products to market quickly and economically.


Intelligent asset management systems can:

Align your material handling operations with your production line
Collect accurate measurements for your Industrial Engineering/labor planning models
Automate material replenishment on the production line with intelligent task scheduling and tracking
Enable fewer operators to cover a larger geographic area in the production process

Safety & Security

The factory floor can seem chaotic without tools to give you the visibility necessary to keep tabs on every aspect of your operations. And where there’s chaos, there exists significant opportunities for safety and security infractions. You want to ensure your materials, vehicles, and operators are exposed to the smallest risk possible. One slip can compromise the health of your entire enterprise.


Intelligent asset management systems give you the capabilities to:

Ensure only trained, authorized operators are using high-risk vehicles
Detect impacts and speeding to manage and reduce damage costs
Customize individual or group authorized users per vehicle or fleet subsets
Wirelessly lock out vehicles that are unsafe to drive

Maintenance Costs

If you’re putting off maintenance until small issues become significant threats to production, you’re wasting time and money. Preventive maintenance is essential to optimizing your material handling processes, but you need a comprehensive, real-time understanding of what’s going on with your fleet in order to properly predict and schedule maintenance needs.


You need up-to-the-minute detailed information in order to:

Consistently track and measure use and hour meter data on every vehicle on your factory floor
Keep constant tabs on oil pressure, temperature, fuel level, battery voltage, and other critical data points
Optimize and automate battery life management
Minimize total breakdowns and create more vehicle up-time
Identify issues when they first appear and are still easy and inexpensive to address

Getting your material to the line and your products to distribution should never hold up your factory operations. Optimize your service vehicles with PowerFleet.

Make your asset management system as intelligent as your production line with our advanced analytics software – PowerFleet IQ.


help keep your material flowing and your production line moving.