PowerFleet IQ®

Intelligence Drives Insight.

Insight Drives Improvement.

Collecting data is an important first step to making your material handling operations smarter, but real improvement only happens when you use that information to gain meaningful insight. PowerFleet IQ™ lets you compare performance metrics between sites, within your industry, or within enterprises as a whole. Being able to see how you measure up is a vital first step to knowing where your operational gaps lie.

Once they’re identified, you can use analytics to track productivity, maintenance costs, historical trends, and ROI. Customizable dashboards are configured to your unique needs, and advanced reporting features let you isolate the metrics specific to the job function you’re analyzing. And through it all, our knowledgeable staff is on hand to guide you and help you get the most out of your system.

Our IQ platforms receive daily data feeds from more than 1,000 sources from manufacturing, distribution, retail, and more.


You don’t have the resources to be on the ground everywhere at once collecting data and recording metrics. You need an intelligence agent to do that for you. It’s only after you get the right information that you can begin to make business decisions, but who has the time? And how do you know what intelligence to gather? PowerFleet IQ™ collects data such as:

Key performance indicators on operator activity

Vehicle utilization metrics

Maintenance needs and associated costs


Once you have the right data, then you can crunch the numbers and get the understanding necessary to drive improvement. With custom reporting, identification of historical trends, and cost association for key metrics, you gain the insight you need in order to optimize your operations and make the most of your vehicle management system. Our IQ solutions help you:

Calculate and track improvement

Move more product

Improve site operations

Identify cost savings through optimization


By gaining more insight into your operations, you can be more connected to your employees and your fleet. When you really understand what you’re doing well and where you can improve, you can take action where it will be most effective. Operations are smoother, employees are happier, and costs are lower. PowerFleet IQ™ gives you the power to:

Quantify best practices and replicate them across sites

Raise productivity levels

Quantify ROI

Forecast asset needs with trend analysis


make your fleet smarter.