Constant Connection,
Constant Improvement

Your forklifts, tow tractors, and industrial trucks are the workhorses of your material handling operations. We designed PowerFleet® to provide eye-opening industry and operational data to help businesses benchmark and improve their resource allocation and safety standards. Now in the fourth generation, PowerFleet integrates easily and seamlessly into your operations and existing systems.

  • Operators are often paid for up to four times as many hours as they actually spend moving material. Eliminate unnecessary overtime pay by tracking motion hours, lifts made, and login time with a Vehicle Management System (VMS).


Industrial Vehicle Impact Management

Historically, impact sensing for industrial vehicles has been a “gray science,” plagued by false alarms, excessive vehicle shut-downs, and needless disruption of productivity. “Industrial Vehicle Impact Management” explains how sophisticated impact sensing systems now use advanced technology to provide accurate, dynamic analytics to help you better manage the safety of your fleet and operators.



You need visibility and accountability in your enterprise fleet management system in order to identify opportunities for improvement. Without a comprehensive, smart vehicle management system in place, how do you measure productivity or isolate safety hazards? When PowerFleet® feeds you intelligent, real-world data, it’s easier to get a comprehensive, thorough picture of operations.


Once you’ve collected the data, it’s time to analyze it in order to glean actionable insights you can use to make your operations more efficient. PowerFleet’s Vision Software provides detailed dashboards and customizable reports to help you dive deep into the operational metrics it’s collecting on a daily basis. The longer you use it, the more detailed the insight.


The insight you get through PowerFleet connects your business goals with your operations on the ground, allowing more streamlined implementation of improvement efforts. You’re more connected to how your operators spend their time, allowing you to modify your standards and score performance based on motion hours, lifts made, and login time. Because you can study the data over an extended period of time, you’re better able to identify trends to get ahead of your resource allocation and safety standards instead of constantly trailing behind.


Enforce scheduled electronic vehicle safety checklists
Track and authorize drivers’ access to vehicles
Identify unsafe driving, including speeding and impacts
Gain visibility of vehicle and fleet utilization to right size your fleet
Measure fleet and operator productivity and performance
Improve maintenance planning with automatically updated maintenance reports


make intelligence work for you.