I.D. Systems pioneered the use of wireless technology to control, track, and manage forklift fleets. For two decades, we have been at the forefront of innovation—with dozens of patents—to deliver world-class forklift fleet management solutions across the globe.  Today, our PowerFleet® industrial truck management system is the world’s leading forklift telematics solution. Watch this video overview:

Leading Enterprises Choose The PowerFleet® VAC4S for Forklift Telematics

I.D. Systems’ customers include the world’s largest…

  • Automakers
  • Forklift OEMs
  • CPG companies
  • Food producers
  • Industrial conglomerates
  • Heavy equipment manufacturers
  • Retailers (brick-and-mortar and online)

We serve thousands of other customers, too—of all sizes—across all industries: aerospace companies and airlines; military contractors and government agencies; grocery stores and food distributors; healthcare providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers; primary metal producers and wood/pulp/paper companies.

Components of the PowerFleet® VAC4S Forklift Fleet Management System

PowerFleet® combines an advanced hardware device (the VAC4S), powerful online software (Vision Pro™), and the industry’s most data-rich analytics platform (Power Fleet IQ™)

The VAC4S (Vehicle Asset Communicator)

Our latest generation of forklift-mounted hardware, the VAC4S, is an intelligent, wireless computer that combines critical safety controls with insightful data collection on the performance of both vehicle and operator.

Core Functions

  • Access control (with existing employee ID) to ensure driver training and accountability
  • Smart, flexible electronic checklists for compliance with safety regulations
  • Patented impact detection and management technology to reduce accidents and damage costs (read the white paper).

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Simple connections and on-screen Wizard for easy, reliable installation
  • Dynamic screen menus and icons for intuitive navigation and interaction
  • Flexible firmware and screen fonts to support multiple languages
  • IP67 sealing, rugged keypad, and fused cables for long-term reliability
  • Self-diagnostics and snap-in connectors for easy maintenance

Popular Hardware Options:

  • Forklift load sensing (travel with load vs. deadheading)
  • Speed management
  • Battery management
  • Seat/deadman switch monitoring
  • UL-approved EE/LPS forklift compatibility


Review the VAC4S product data sheet


Vision Pro™ Software

Vision Pro™ is our newest web-based forklift fleet management software (read the press release). It reflects our 20 years of industry experience, thousands of cutting-edge engineering details, and hundreds of lessons learned from the world’s best supply chains. We think it is the most capable, reliable, easy-to-use forklift fleet management software available.

We launched Vision Pro™ to give customers all the advantages of remotely-hosted, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS). Even better, Vision Pro™ can also be installed locally, if your IT team requires extra security behind your firewall.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Intuitive interface and navigation for ease of use
  • Simple dashboards for fleet and system status at a glance
  • Automatic exception reporting for data you need, when you need it
  • Integrated tools for instant access to user help, training, and support
  • Advanced data search, sorting, filtering, and graphing functions for flexibility
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime, from any device—smartphone, tablet, desktop
  • Available as remotely-hosted SaaS application or locally-secure server application

Popular Options:

  • PowerFleet IQ™ data analytics
  • Real-time vehicle location visibility
  • “Breadcrumb trail” playback of travel paths
  • Integration with Google Maps™ for outdoor applications
  • Integration with WMS, ERP and maintenance software systems


Review the Vision Pro™ product data sheet.


PowerFleet® VAC4S Forklift Management Benefits, In Summary

The PowerFleet® VAC4S industrial truck management system helps improve material handling safety, by establishing accountability for the use of equipment, ensuring compliance with forklift safety regulations, and automatically detecting and managing vehicle impacts.

The system helps reduce forklift fleet costs—from capital acquisition to maintenance—by right-sizing the forklift fleet, identifying equipment issues before they become costly problems, and scheduling maintenance automatically according to actual vehicle usage rather than by calendar time or manual data entry.

The VAC4S also helps increase vehicle and operator productivity in material handling operations, by identifying the safest and most productive forklift drivers, controlling equipment so it is in the right place at the right time, and providing powerful metrics on fleet utilization.

Contact us today to learn how the PowerFleet® VAC4S can help you manage your fleet of forklifts and other industrial trucks.

PowerFleet IQ™ Data Analytics

PowerFleet IQ™ is our industry-leading “big data” application. It integrates the largest, richest database of its kind, encompassing millions of forklift activity data points from every kind of material handling activity, in every type of facility, across all industries.

The PowerFleet IQ™ analytics platform provides enterprises with deep insights into forklift fleet behavior, and it guides and validates actions to improve safety, increase productivity, and reduce costs in material handling operations.

Read our most recent press release, review the PowerFleet IQ™ product sheet, and visit our PowerFleet IQ™ web page

The many powerful features of PowerFleet IQ™ include:

  • Dashboards showing forklift performance metrics—across all sites—at a glance.
  • KPI scorecards that let users instantly understand forklift fleet status and trends across the enterprise.
  • Integration with WMS and ERP data to provide unique insights, like the cost of safety vs. the level of productivity (forklift impacts vs. pallets moved):

Keytroller® Forklift Management Products

We recently expanded our range of forklift management solutions by acquiring Keytroller®. Read the announcement and visit our Keytroller® website.

Keytroller® offers over 40 different forklift management products, including access control, camera systems, speed control, forklift scales, pedestrian safety, anti-theft, driver ergonomics, and wireless hour meters

Improve Safety

Limit vehicle access only to certified operators

Monitor impacts to determine which vehicles and operators are unsafe

Ensure regulatory compliance with OSHA by requiring checklist completion before vehicles can operate

Increase Productivity

Increase operator efficiency by improving motion-with-load times

Maximize equipment uptime to move material when it needs to be moved

Optimize fleet size and utilization so you make the most of your asset investment

Reduce Costs

Optimize maintenance around vehicle usage to eliminate dollars spent on unneeded repairs

Reduce damage to facility and goods

Manage overtime and incentive payments to operators


make intelligence work for you.