Increase Vehicle & Operator Productivity

It takes no small investment to operate a fleet of forklifts and other industrial trucks. You want to make sure you are getting the most from that investment, and with a Vehicle Management System like PowerFleet®, you can. With PowerFleet® you can gather the critical information you need to get the most from your assets and your people. You get the visibility you need to lower operating costs, minimize capital expenses, and run more efficiently.

Increase operator efficiency by improving motion-with-load times

In a typical eight-hour shift, the average forklift operator is logged in to the truck just four of those hours and is only moving with a load for one of them. A Vehicle Management System allows you to track individual operators so you can identify those who are the most efficient and which need additional attention.

Maximize equipment uptime to move material when it needs to be moved

By scheduling maintenance based on actual use, you can maximize equipment uptime. That means you’ll have more trucks available to work when there’s work to be done.

Optimize fleet size and utilization so you make the most of your asset investment

Vehicle Management Systems provide unique insight into fleet operation by evaluating how your current vehicles are being used and if there are any opportunities to better allocate them. That way you aren’t spending money on additional industrial trucks when you don’t truly need them.

5 Reasons You Need A Vehicle Management System for Your Industrial Trucks

Discover why many of the world’s most successful companies have adopted an enterprise fleet management system to reduce costs and increase productivity in “The 5 Reasons You Need a Vehicle Management System for Your Industrial Trucks.”


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