You Can Only SellWhat You Can Stock



The speed at which products move through the supply chain directly translates to how quickly those products pass through the point of sale and into customers’ hands. The more products you can move, the more you can sell. And where there are inefficiencies that cause delays in supply chain execution, there are missed opportunities to convert inventory into cash.

You can only move the product you have on hand. Retailers need intelligent solutions that provide data they can use to eliminate stock-outs, speed inventory through the supply chain, and create true product velocity. If you can manage the vehicles that move the products in an informed, insightful way, you can increase efficiencies, increase the stocking speed, and increase activity where it really matters – at the register.

  • Implementing a data-driven, intelligent Vehicle Management System in your retail operations increases inventory velocity and translates to higher sales.

What can intelligent enterprise fleet management do for you?


Having customers eager to buy your product is every retailer’s dream. Not being able to fill that demand because your inventory is stuck somewhere in the supply chain? That’s every retailer’s nightmare. Smooth operations and high productivity matter most in the places the customer can’t see.


Our enterprise fleet management solutions act as your eyes and ears on the ground at your warehouses, allowing you to:

Speed inventory through the distribution center
and into your customers’ hands
Reduce the costs associated with moving inventory
through the supply chain
Drive more efficient unload, put-away,
cross-dock, pick, pack, and ship processes
Increase product velocity
and ensure stock is always at hand

Safety & Security

Speed is vital to the success of retail operations, but not at the expense of the safety and security of your warehouse vehicles and operators. True velocity is possible only when you can trust that processes and procedures are being followed so as to ensure the safest possible working conditions in the distribution center and the stock room.


The intelligence provided by I.D. Systems helps you to:

Customize individual or group authorized users
per vehicle or fleet subsets
Automatically adjust
permission levels when authorization needs change
Lock-out/tag-out vehicles
with maintenance or safety issues
Know where every vehicle
in your fleet is – anytime, anywhere

Gain the highest levels of visibility
into vehicle and operator activity

Maintenance Costs

When you have a maintenance issue that sidelines a vehicle, you not only risk high repair costs, but you also risk losing velocity and sales while you wait on the repair. It’s a double whammy, and the most frustrating part is that in many cases it’s entirely avoidable. Preventive maintenance is the key to keeping minor issues from getting so big that they grind operations to a halt, but you need actionable metrics in order to predict when and where disaster is most likely to strike – and head it off at the pass.


Advanced analytics give you the capabilities to:

Identify and address maintenance issues when they first emerge and are easier to repair
Never lose sight of critical maintenance data points like oil pressure, temperature, fuel level, and battery voltage
Track and compare historical data to more accurately estimate when each vehicle needs scheduled maintenance
Optimize and automate battery life management

Getting your material to the line and your products to distribution should never hold up your factory operations. Optimize your service vehicles with PowerFleet.

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keep your inventory - and your register lines - moving smoothly.