Real-Time TrackingReal-Time Decisions

Track & Trace is the lowest total-cost-of-ownership solution for keeping tabs on any type of asset. No matter where your trailer, container, or chassis is in the loading/unloading cycle, Track & Trace has it on radar. Real-time location data lets you make decisions more quickly, allows your workers to move with more confidence, and accelerates your operations to optimize fleet utilization. Know exactly where your assets stand with VeriWise Track & Trace.

  • Track & Trace installs in under 10 minutes, providing a quick, cost-effective way to locate your assets anytime, anywhere.


Gain asset and fleet visibility with exportable, automatic push reports including virtual yard checks

Installs anywhere on any asset type

Exception-based email alerts based on event type and/or location let you focus on assets that need the most attention

Landmarking functionality to establish virtual perimeters and key geographical reference points

Field-replaceable Lithium Primary battery/power-saving device ensures continuous operation for 5+ years

Motion-based reporting gives you real-time asset visibility to every asset departure and arrival


Our OneRate plan provides a simple pricing structure that eliminates data overages, roaming charges, and headaches associated with transportation asset management data plans.

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