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If you’ve decided to implement a transportation asset management system that helps you collect critical data, you’ve already started down the path to smarter, smoother operations. But you can’t fully realize the benefit of that data until you find a way to monetize it, analyze it, and make it work in your favor.

With VeriWise IQ™, you can leverage those performance metrics to gain deep insights into how your fleet is operating in practice. The more data it collects, the more accurate your understanding becomes. The intelligence it gathers gives you hard numbers to act on, and the advanced analytics tools allow you to monetize almost every part of your operations. With our team on hand to act as your partner and help you glean all you can from the system, VeriWise IQ™ is the industry choice when you need real data to make your fleet smarter.


5 Intermodal Container Fleet Management Questions Answered by VeriWise IQ™

See how Forward Air used VeriWise™ to improve trailer fleet utilization by 15 percent, while also increasing revenue by an estimated $500,000 per year.



With the data collected through VeriWise, you can reach a deeper understanding of your individual needs, challenges, and areas for improvement. Implement meaningful changes to address critical inefficiencies, increase productivity, and raise your bottom line. VeriWise IQ™ helps you to:

Determine the optimal fleet size and composition for your operational needs
Identify misuse from unauthorized dispatch and storage
Quantify loaded vs. deadhead utilization


Get the information you need in the form that you need it. VeriWise IQ™ continually refreshes and organizes the data coming into your system by landmark, landmark group, asset subfleet, geographic area, and time period to collect key performance metrics such as:

Most and least profitable customers and markets
Average time your assets wait at each destination
Load processing and asset pickup times


More streamlined operations and processes lead to a deeper, better connection to your fleet, your employees, and your customers. Once you’re armed with the data and actionable insights you need to drive improvement, you can begin to make changes with tangible results. With VeriWise IQ, you can:

Quantify & replicate best practices to elevate performance of low-performing locations, markets, and subfleets
Improve detention billing accuracy
Reduce driver hours of service due to excessive wait or break time


make your fleet smarter.