Clear VisibilityFor The Road Ahead

We get so involved in the day-to-day details of operations, that in many cases we lose sight of the big picture. This driver can’t find that trailer. That shipment was four hours late because this tire needed repair. Maintenance costs for this trailer are twice the average. Running around chasing answers to individual problems can blind us to the high-level view of what’s really causing inefficiencies.

VeriWise® transportation asset management gives you eyes everywhere, from the moment the trailer moves, to where the container is loaded at the rail yard, to when the chassis outgates at the port. Advanced sensors, ubiquitous cellular data networks, and streamlined reporting give you the information you need to gain clarity into your operations and make decisions that drive better results.

  • The VeriWise family of products deliver the critical data you need to effectively manage remote transportation assets in today’s complex supply chain.


In order to drive improvement, you need to have hard data at your fingertips to inform your business decisions. You need to know how much time your drivers spend hunting for trailers, when assets depart and arrive at shippers and receivers, and when to schedule preventive maintenance that keeps your fleet running smoothly. It’s all about visibility that helps your fleet become smarter.


With advanced hardware and analytics, VeriWise provides you:

Full length cargo sensing that allows
measurement of load cycle times
GPS mileage updates that show
actual use of your equipment
In-transit reporting and real-time visibility
to help you see where the inefficiencies lie.
Event-driven and exception-based reporting that provides
critical alerts and load state information to increase turns


The intelligence collected by the easy-to-install hardware on your assets and delivered via network to our smart software platform is just the starting point. Superior asset management systems help you turn that information into a comprehensive understanding of your operational situation. Detailed reporting gives you deep insight into how your fleet works and lets you identify areas for improvement. Customizable sub fleet filters and access permissions allow you to prioritize your most important assets.


With VeriWise, you can:

Reduce hours of
service inefficiencies

Analyze trends in
asset utilization

Reduce turn time and improve fleet utilization

Increase operating margins by
monitoring asset and driver activity

Identify trends in dormancy by letting you see
at a glance which trailers are inactive or idle

Tire Inflation Sensor (TIS) to reduce
maintenance costs and increase fuel efficiency


With the insights you glean from VeriWise analytics, you can connect your larger business goals to your operations on the ground. You gain a better understanding of how your assets and drivers are spending their time, which lets you streamline operator processes while reducing employee frustration. Being able to track performance trends over time gives you a big-picture understanding of the ebb and flow of your fleet activity, which lets you drive improvement in the long-term and set your business up for ongoing success.


VeriWise keeps you connected to:

Accurate, real-time
fleet status and location
When your cargo is
loaded and unloaded
Tire Inflation Sensor (TIS) to reduce
maintenance costs and increase fuel efficiency
Industry standard data feed for seamless
integrations with 3rd party fleet management systems
Alerts that tell you when your assets are in high-risk locations
and when cargo is accessed outside of the loading and unloading process